Monday, May 25, 2009

Simbu - Nayantara will Link again?

A much terrific silence as the scenario seems to be much prevalent with a post-scenario of Tsunami.

A day back, we had spelled a news about the fact that Nayanthara’s frustration towards all actors and filmmakers. But, what really made her anxious about media linking her romantically with Prabhu Deva.

As a result, the actress has stopped reading any rumors about herself published in the newspaper. Usually when she comes to Chennai, the actress happens to be much frustrated with her manager and PRO.

But this time, she was quiet and completed her shooting portions in Chennai for Surya’s ‘Aadhavan’. And more than all, listen to this interesting news that Simbu has offered a role for Nayanthara in his next film ‘Vaaliban’…

Has Nayan answered to his call or not? We've got to wait and watch...

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