Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kandasamy mp3 songs Download - Audio Online

Kandasamy mp3 songs Download - Audio Online : On Vikram and Susi Ganesan

Vikram is a role model to me and I look at him with awe and admiration as he always puts in a lot of effort and hard work in whatever he does. He gave me hope and strength and before I met him I used think to think that ‘I cannot do this’, but after I met him I now feel that ‘I can and I will do it!’ He is so spontaneous and flows into the character just like that. I always describe him as a positive, sweet, loving, caring and a genuine person. My director Susi Ganesan is a very creative person. He is a person who has a clear vision and knows what he wants and will never leave us until we provide him the way he has visualized. He always comes up with nice and fresh ideas and there is a degree of honesty that I find in him

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